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Join us on the 7th and 8th July 2018 for our Dig For Victory dinner. Book your table now!


Volunteers from all over the area have teamed up with the Railway Inn to provide an authentic wartime feel to our 1940s feast. Growers old and new have converted space in their gardens to provide the produce for this magnificent meal. As early as January our brave young Britons will start by preparing the ground in readiness for the spring, to begin planting for the feast. Here we will document the journey. This should be fun!



January 11th 2018

Keen to make a start on our feast crops, we ventured out today to select our ground. Icy as it may be we are confident our little patch of 1/8 acre will do us proud

vegetable garden for the 1940's woodhall spa feast at the railway inn

designed by Holly Tree Soft Play