At the heart of every good pub is a great selection of food and drink. At the Railway, we are committed to sourcing high quality, locally sourced ingredients and drinks. Our potatoes come from farms within 20 miles from Woodhall Spa. For the customer this means a delicious, triple cooked, skin on, proper chip, that has never seen a freezer in its life. Our eggs travel a similar distance. The same goes for our game and pork products . We believe more restaurants should get behind the local producers, cut down transport miles and ultimately support the community that supports it.

Our real ales come from the Ferry Ales Brewery in Fiskerton, giving us delicious, fresh and expertly crafted cask ale - and earning us a CAMRA LocALE certificate in the process. Between their incredible helpful delivery schedule and our use of 4.5 gallon barrels, our average cask of ale only lasts between 2 & 3 days. This means our beer is always at its best, it allows us a selection of up to 4 different beers and most importantly, there's always something new to try!

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